Personnel Service

Personnel Service Policy: Isaac Knapp District Dental Society’s Personnel Service is a benefit for members and is free of charge to both those seeking employment and those looking to hire. It is our perspective that this service is a benefit of being part of the society and will benefit and support those in the ten county region. IKDDS does not verify current licensure.

Job Postings: Any member dental office may provide a listing of a position that they are seeking to fill.

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  • Job posting can be submitted either via online form or emailed to
  • Job posting will be posted on the IKDDS website
  • It is the responsibility of the hiring office to verify current x-ray and HYF Licensure for anyone working in your office, including subs
  • Job will posted for 3 months. If the employer desires to keep position beyond the 3 months, they must contact


Resumes/Those Seeking Employment: Anyone seeking employment in the Isaac Knapp region in a member dental office.

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  • Upload resume in our resume portal
  • Nameless, generic description placed on website itemized by job description:
    • Hygienist
    • Dental Assistant
    • Lab Technician
    • Office Personnel
    • Dentist/Associate Dentist/Other Oral Health Professional
  • Resumes will be kept and sent out for 6 months. If the job seeker desires to keep their resume on file longer, they must contact


Substitute List: Anyone seeking to be on a list of temporary substitutes to be distributed to any member dental office upon request.

Email for current sub-list

  • To be placed on sub-list, those interested must fill out online form.
  • Names will be left on the sub list for 1 year after submission. Prior to removal from list, they will receive an email inviting to re-submit their availability and interest. They must re-submit information annually.


Email blasts will be sent to members monthly of posted opportunities. If you fill your opportunity or are hired, please contact IKDDS office by the 15th of the month to change or remove your post.